Please understand that these are for your protection, as well as ours. Please read the following statements and initial that you have read each where provided. Please sign the bottom of this form confirming that you have read each of the statements and understand them. This agreement contains member requirements and guidelines to ensure compliance with the Compassionate Use Act, Medical Marijuana Program Act and the Attorney General’s Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use; to protect the safety and further the health and well-being of members; and to continue to create a member-run, community-based, alternative healing and wellness organization.

Article 1. I am a qualified patient and my physician has recommended/approved my use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Article 2. My physician has determined that I suffer from a serious medical condition for which medical cannabis provides relief and has provided a written recommendation that verifies this fact.

Article 3. In order to acquire the medicine my physician recommends, I hereby seek membership in the GanjaMan family and understand that in order to be a member of the GanjaMan family, and to maintain my membership in the GanjaMan family, I must agree to, and follow all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Article 4. I understand that as a member of the GanjaMan family, I must inform the GanjaMan family of the specific strain(s) of medical marijuana I need and to which I am entitled and, to that end, I agree to assist, if necessary, in any aspect of the cultivation process including, but not limited to, cutting clones, trimming, and/or reimbursing actual costs incurred. I also understand that I may be called upon to contribute finances, labor and/or resources to the GanjaMan family. Such contributions are necessary to REIMBURSE THE OVERHEAD and to cultivate my medical cannabis, as well as to conduct the day-to-day operations of the GanjaMan family for the benefit of its members.

Article 5. I agree to assign agency rights to the GanjaMan family for the limited purpose of obtaining legally cultivated medical cannabis and for purposes of growing medication for my benefit. I understand that the GanjaMan family is required to possess, transport, and cultivate medical cannabis on my and other members’ behalf, and limited authority is granted to the GanjaMan family for this purpose.

Article 6. I agree and understand that all medicine obtained is for medical use only and may not be diverted for non-medical use or for use by a non-member of the GanjaMan family.

Article 7. As a member of the GanjaMan family, I recognize that there are risks inherent in the use of medical cannabis. All medical cannabis is obtained from members of the GanjaMan family at various locations not necessarily under the GanjaMan family’s direct supervision. While the GanjaMan family takes every reasonable precaution to assure the quality, purity and effectiveness of the medical cannabis, the GanjaMan family makes no warranties or representations as to the quality, purity and effectiveness of the medical cannabis. I understand that the GanjaMan family is not responsible for the effects and makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, with regard to the safety, effect or efficacy of the medical cannabis I may obtain from the GanjaMan family when used by itself or with other we make it easy to buy weed online,buy marijuana online


Ganjaman Cannabis must be alerted within a 24 hour window from the delivery time, if anything is missing from the order, or if a product is defective. We can not accept any notifications over 24 hours.
All non-working cartridges and batteries will be asked to be tested by the driver when the items are first delivered. To claim a free exchange for a non-working battery or a cartridge, the test has to be done during the first delivery. If a non-working item is confirmed in the test, a free exchange will occur immediately. Otherwise, the exchange will be done with the patient’s next order, or a delivery fee will be asked if the patient asks for an immediate exchange. The exchange items will be tested before the replacement takes place.
All exchanges or returns must be returned with the item’s original packaging.
Missing items will be sent out immediately once we have been alerted of the situation and the necessary diligence done to confirm your claims.